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Asami with baby Near.
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General information
Name meaning Japanese for "Morning beauty"
Alias Grandma, Oba-chan
Gender Female female
Age ten years
Status Deceased (died of illness)
Elemental power
First appearance Chapter Four, page one-hundred sixty-twp
Allies Led,
Enemies Steel
Relatives Urashima (mate), unnamed daughter, Shirotora (granddaughter), Near (nephew)
Voiced by

Asami (朝美) is a small, petite, fragile looking russet-coloured she-wolf, the former leader of a small pack living on a shore. She was Urashima's mate, Shirotora's grandmother and Near's aunt.

Physical appearanceEdit


Asami's appearance.

Asami's build is that of a short, tiny she-wolf. She has delicate curves and has slim, almost skinny limbs. Due to her illness, she looks rather fragile and slightly malnourished. Her fur is reddish-brown with darker, russet markings covering the top half of her body and her front legs. Her rear and part of her neck remain paler, while she has white markings on her cheeks, throat, front paws, belly and tailtip. She has a white, diamond-like spot on her forehead and a white stripe crossing her back. Her eyes are big, glossy and languid with small black pupils. Her face shows the signs of age, her muzzle is greying, her nose is turning pink, and slight eyebags have appeared under her eyes. Moreover, her toes are also paler than the rest of her paws.



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