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General information
Name meaning Polish for 'Ladybug'
Gender Female Female
Elemental power
First appearance
Allies Ważka, Motyl, Chakra Heroes
Relatives Motyl (sister), Ważka (brother)
Voiced by

Biedronka is a young, tiny ginger-and-white she-wolf. She is Motyl and Ważka's younger sister.

Physical appearanceEdit


Before the events of the comicEdit

As of Chapter OneEdit

Biedronka does not appear in Chapter One.

As of Chapter TwoEdit

Biedronka does not appear in Chapter Two.

As of Chapter ThreeEdit

Biedronka does not appear in Chapter Three.

As of Chapter FourEdit

Biedronka makes a brief appearance during a flashback in Chapter Four. She is seen with Motyl and Ważka when the Chakra Group is on a search for new members. When they meat the small pack of three wolves is attaced and Biedronka is seen hiding behind her older sister. When the hostile wolves flee she cries as she sees her brother in a fatal condition due to the wounds he received while trying to protect them.

As of Chapter FiveEdit

As of Chapter SixEdit

In side storiesEdit

Main article: Biedronka in side stories


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