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This article is fan-made!

Its content was not created by the author of Chakra, but by one of its awesome readers!


Chakra, The New HeroesEdit

Main article: Chakra, The New Heroes

Operation Chakra Dawn: Deadly ZodiacEdit

Main article: Operation Chakra Dawn: Deadly Zodiac

Chakra: Alternate VersionEdit

Main article: Chakra: Alternate Version

Chakra, Back To Kamiki!Edit

Main article: Chakra, Back To Kamiki!

Deviant HighEdit

Main article: Deviant High

Special Noël Avec ChakraEdit

Main article: Special Noël Avec Chakra

How Chakra Heroes Came To BeEdit

Main article: How Chakra Heroes Came To Be

Chakra Heroes AllianceEdit

Main article: Chakra Heroes Alliance

Chakra Vu Par CheetahEdit

Motyl And The HellhoundsEdit


Chakra: Alternate EndingEdit

Main article: Chakra: Alternate Ending

Kobura's Long NightEdit

An Early HuntEdit

Chakra Parody!Edit

Cheetah Goes To AmericaEdit

Blue-Eyes And The Chakra Heroes Edit

Pull The Lever, Kobu Edit

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