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About the Comic
Chakra, Battle Of The Titans
is a comic created by Arven92 on DeviantART, and is inspired by Clover Studio's winning game Ōkami .

The seven Chakra heroes; C.Y., Led, Cheetah, Kuma, Orca, Motyl and Hielo are charged to find and protect the Destiny Sword, an extremely powerful weapon that can reverse the fate of the world. However, the Heroes will have to look out for the evil wolf Jackal and his army of Zodiac Demons.

Chakra started as a minor project back in 2008, and since then, it has gained many readers and fans among whom some created fan fictions and spin off series.

Chakra Heroes
The Chakra Heroes, is a group of seven wolves, each gifted with an extraordinary power, who are united with the aim of fighting evil and helping those in need.

Zodiac Demons

The Zodiac Demons is a group of twelve wolves trained to fight. They are Jackal's minions and obey his orders. Each of the Demons bears a resemblance to the corresponding animal of the Chinese Zodiac. Similarly, each Demon has a Chinese ideogram tattooed on their left hind leg, which stands for the zodiac animal they represent.

Ushi-button Tiikeri-button Zec-button Kobura-button

Hest-button Ketek-button Haan-button Diviak-button

Ryu-button Kozel-button Oniken-button Mishka-button

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Featured Character

What will Tiikeri do now...?



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