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Keener Than Blades
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General information
Chapter number Four
Length  ??
In-story time lapse  ??
Characters appearing Chakra Heroes, Zodiac Demons, Jackal, Kobura, Shirotora, Near, Flama, Wasgo, Serval, Puma, Ważka, Biedronka
Character debuts Flama, Wasgo, Serval, Puma, Ważka, Biedronka
Preceded by All Hell Breaks Loose!
Succeeded by Red In Tooth And Claw

Keener Than Blades is the title of the fourth chapter of Chakra, Battle of the Titans. This chapter is speculated to be 103 pages long, and Motyl , Kobura , Tiikeri , Omen and Charon appear on the cover.


The chapter begins with the voice repeating the words of the prophecy as Hielo drags C.Y. out of the bottom of the sea. When she-wolf opens her eyes she sees Led standing above her reassuring her she’s safe now. After Led helps C.Y. to get up she informs her friends that they’re in danger and she explains it by quoting the prophecy he had heard. But when she mentions she, while being underwater, saw a demon Hielo criticize her saying it can’t be true as he’s been there as well
and he haven’t seen anything of what C.Y. described. Led right away scorns him for his remark and the two start to snap at each other, but their argument is quickly stopped by C.Y. who wants to continue her story. She says that the God will come on the Celesiat Year to slay the Best which makes Motyl wonder if Celestial Year is the current year. Cheetah also speculates that the ‘God’ might be Shiranui to which C.Y. definitely agrees saying that also might be the reason why she sees him all the time. As the conversation continues the Heroes come to a conclusion that it might be tied to Inabe’s prophecy of Demon-being who wants to obtain the Sword. But they eventually loose the threat as C.Y. notices Orca’s been healed and expresses her happiness to see her again in good shape. The black and white wolf leaves all the compliments for Motyl who healed her. Motyl blushes in modesty, saying that she did it with pleasure. She is then unexpectedly tackled by Kobura who is quickly seized by Orca and brought down to the ground. As he is questioned for his motivation the young wolf reveals that he left the Zodiac Demons because he fell in love with Motyl. Hearing that Hielo roars at Kobura stating his disbelief, but Cheetah tries to calms him down by saying the kid must be just joking. C.Y notices that Kobura is missing the mark on his hip, which makes her assume that the young wolf really did left the Demon, and as a sign of his new loyalty she asks Kobura to show them the way to Jackal’s hideout. The green wolf eagerly agrees, though Hielo is still greatly suspicious. Motyl steps between him and Kobura to break the fight, but Hielo snaps at the winger she-wolf and insults her by calling her too trusting and gullible. Having enough of the whole situation Hielo leaves and Kuma runs after his friend while the rest of the Heroes take Kobura to their Headquarters.

Kuma finds Hielo at Flama’s grave and the two briefly ponder over the past. At the Headquarters C.Y. begins explaining how the Chakra Heroes joined their forces to fight evil. She tells how she met up with Led and how they set out to find other wolves with unique powers. The first one the met was Orca, who at the time was living with her brother Wasgo. Initially the siblings attempted to attack the intruders, but upon clashing with C.Y., Orca recognized her decided to join the group. On the way she and Led fought for leadership which led them to discovering their special powers. The journey led them to Cheetah and his siblings, though at that time the Heroes deemed Cheetah too young to join them, thus they
picked Serval, leaving Cheetah with his sick sister Puma. Next, they encountered a group of wolves who attacked Motyl and her family. After chasing away the aggressors Ważka was revealed to be fatally wounded, but Motyl’s newly discovered powers healed him. C.Y. then explained her the Heroes’ purpose and Motyl decided to join them, despite her brother’s objection. The next Hero they recruited was Hielo. They found him beaten up as his sister Flama was taking care of him. She explained that Hielo’s condition was caused by an attack of a pack mate, Rufus, who wanted to become the leader and cha
llenged Hielo. Motyl then healed Hielo’s wounds and after a night of thinking the pale wolf decided to join the Heroes along with his sister Flmama. Finally, they found Kuma, who was also fatally injured by a bear. Motyl healed him, though she was not sure if he’ll make it through the night, but Hielo kept vigil by Kuma’s side and by the morning the wolf recovered. The group of six wolves travelled through the land until they encountered an enormous pack of wolves who charged at them. Serval fled in panic and was never heard of again, while Flama was unfortunate and was stomped to death by the wild pack. In that moment Cheetah, whose powers appeared after Puma’s death, appeared and aided the Heroes in their escape.

After C.Y. finished telling the story Kuma and Hielo join the group. Kobura reveals that Ryu is his brother and he was a totally different person before he met Jackal. The topic of the conversation goes back to the Destiny Sword and young wolf explains that Konohana Island is, in fact, a giant maze and the Heroes will need his guidance to find the secret hideout. However, on the next day, Kobura is asked to stay behind and guard the den while the Heroes set out to visit Konohana Island for the second time.

Meanwhile, on the Island Jackal is having a meeting with his Demons as he is displeased with their performance when they fought the Heroes. He notices Kobura is missing and he sends his guards: Oman and Charon to look for the pup. The two wolves, as they are leaving the caverns, discuss the possibility of becoming Zodiac Demons in the light of Ryu’s failure and Kobura’s dissapearance. Jackal continues to question the

Tiikeri leaves the Zodiac Demons.

Demons to find out Kobura’s location. Ketek points out that he’s seen Kobure when they were fighting the Heroes, but lost sight of him when the haze appeared. Then Mishka wants everyone to pay attention because he claims that Zec wants to say something, but even though all eyes were turned to the white wolf not a word could be heard, but despite that Mishka burst out in laughter. Then, Jackal turns his eyes to Tiikeri and starts questioning her about Kobura until she breaks and reveals that Kobura left to join the Heroes. Angered, Jackal slaps Tiikeri, leaving a scar on her face, and sets her to bring the traitor back. Also, to Ryu’s displeasure, he orders him to follow Kozel from now on and warns him that his position as the Head General is endangered if he continues to fail. Tiikeri leaves the island in the dusk and her marking is seen fading away. Oniken informs Jackal that they are ‘one short’. At the same time as Tiikeri is swimming away, the Heroes arrive at the island. She reaches the other shore and finds Kobura. Initially the green wolf is reluctant to speak with his friend, but upon seeing the scar in Tiikeri’s cheek he’s convinced of her good intentions. Tiikeri warns Kobura that Jackal has prepared a trap for the Heroes.

On the island the Heroes divide themselves into two groups. As they walk around C.Y. notices a bright light in the shape of Shiranui, which she immediately follows without a second thought. It leads her to a giant cherry tree. Kuma catches up to the grey wolf and seeing as she is amazed by the sight of the falling petals, he explains that cherry tree is his favourite plant. The peaceful moment is interrupted when Led arrives at the scene. He intimidates Kuma to make him go away and C.Y. demands an explanation to Led’s sudden cold behaviour, but the wolf is too stuck up to reveal his feeling and he walks away.

Meanwhile the other part of the group, Hielo, Orca, Motyl and Cheetah discover a giant stone door. With some minor issues Hielo discovers how to open then. Inside, they find the Destiny Sword displayed out in the open. Cheetah wants to go and snatch it, but Hielo warns him of this being just a trap. Suddenly, the walls of the cave collapse revealing Demons hidden behind it. In another location Led smells the dust and informs his friends of this just as Mishka unexpectedly appears in front of them. C.Y. launches at him and the other two follow her in her chase. Mishka lures the three Heroes into a trap where they are surrounded by the Demons and join their already-captured friends. But before the Heroes can act Tiikeri appears on the scene with Kobura. She asks for Jackal’s forgiveness and the leader is willing to give her a second chance as long as she fulfils one condition. But the said condition is not revealed as Ushi notices that Tiikeri’s marking is missing and calls her out on that. The she-wolf attacks him which sets Hielo free and the battle starts. Ketek jumps at Kobura in fury and bashes Kobura for betraying the Demons. The little wolf is saved by Motyl who blows Ketek away. C.Y. notices Jackal silently leaving with the Sword and she attempts to pursue him, but Oniken stands in her way. The Demon challenges the heroine, but she refuses stating that his body is too feeble and it wouldn’t be fair. Oniken then assaults C.Y. and taunts her to unleash Anja, which she does. He attempts to leech her power off again, but the deity pushed him away and continues her charge. To this, Ryu jumps to stop her, but is thrown back instantly. But Oniken still manages to reach Ajna’s energy spheres and by the time the she-wolf catches Jackal she has turned into C.Y. once again. Jaskal manages to push back the grey wolf as she’s worn out and attempts to use this moment of weakness to steal her Charka. But before the blade can reach C.Y. Kuma throws himself at Jackal and in the hectic fight to retrieve the Sword the big wolf gets pierced by the blade and strange light emanates from the wound. Seeing this, unleashes Hielo’s rage and he manages to free himself from Ushi and charges at Jackal while his body is getting covered in ice.

In other languagesEdit

Chapter Title in other languages
French Plus tranchants que des lames
Italian Più affilati delle lame
Polish Ostrzejszy niż klinga
German Schärfer als Klingen
Russian Острее, чем лезвие


  • On page 148, we see pawprints in the sand. In the following page, the pawprints disappear, only to reappear on the page right after, page 150. However, they disappear again on page 151, and reappear once more on page 152.
  • In panel 9 of page 153, Cheetah's black tuft is not shaded.
  • Hielo's entire body is out of proportion on page 156, panel 2.
  • On page 160 panel 1, part of Flama's left front leg is outlined in a darker black than the rest of the page. This is due to an error with the bucket tool during the editing in Adobe Photoshop CS4.
  • On page 162 panel 5, the lighting on Led is opposite than the one in the rest of the page.
    • In panel 3 of the same page, C.Y.'s left ear marking is not outlined like the rest of her body.


  • One of the beta names for this chapter was Kill Or Get Killed. No Italian beta name exists, because there are no words in Italian that begin by letter K. Same goes for Chapter Two.
  • Keener Than Blades is the longest chapter of Chakra.
  • This chapter marks the first time in which page numbers are added at the bottom of each page.
  • This chapter also marks the first time in which the base tint technique is used in order to shade.

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