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General information
Name meaning Spider (Japanese)
Gender Female female
Elemental power
First appearance Does not appear in 'Chakra, Battle Of The Titans'
Allies Cheetah, Kozel, Osso, Omen
Enemies C.Y.
Voiced by

Kumo is a Rather mutated looking Tri Wolf created by Gingacreator on DeviantArt. Although she doesn't appear in the original story, she does appear in the alternate comic, also made by Gingacreator.

Physical appearanceEdit

Kumo looks rather odd for a wolf, to the point of even questioning her species at all. She is a very thin wolf, looking malnurished. Her three main eyes (except for her two smaller eyes) have odd window-like puples in them, symbolizing the saying that "the eyes are the window to the soul". Her ears are oddly thin and pointed. she has very long, stick-like legs that bend in odd directions, ending in freakishly large claws, much larger then normal wolves. Her fur is mostly black in color except for long stripes of yellow on her front legs, a strech of yellow down her chest and underbelly, and a yellow ring, seemingly connecting her 3 eyes in a loop. Her oddest feture is her 3 unusually large fangs curving downward from her short snout.


Kumo is a rather crazy, yet fun loving wolf that is kinda hard to fully understand sometimes. Her logical sense has almost dipleted since she was alone for so long, so she has a hard time trying to get exact ideas in. Although she can speak english fairly well, she has a strong japanese accent in her voice, and sometimes spouts out japanese sayings in her words, such as "Hai" for yes or Adding "Sama" to her leader's name as respect. She has a rather wacky yet creative mind to solve problems, but if you look past her insanity, you can see that she is actually rather smart (even if she doesn't fully admit it herself).


Her past is short and rather vague, as she doesn't give many details about it. Overall, she was born among the tri wolves, but due to her mutations and appearance she was regarded as a curse and thus abandond. Ever since this, she hated other normal tri wolves and remained alone until she was recruited by Omen.