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Kuta is the son of Kuma and Haku.


Brave and cunning, Kuta is a master of deception. He is very strong and many females have an eye for him. He feels uneasy and is the "lone wolf" of the group. Although it may seem that Kuta is harsh on the group, he actually cares about them. His great power may hurt his friends when out of control(If Kuta is calm and focused, his attacks will be accurate and will only hurt his enemies. However,if he panics if his friends are injured, if he feels more grief than anger,his power can barely hurt anyone, if he feels more anger, his powers might be so great that there is a 30% chance he may destroy himself and things within a one-kilometer radius). That is why Kuta has trained to be calm.


Kuta looks exactly like his father, except that he is very slim, like his mother Haku. As Haku was small and slim whilst Kuta's father, Kuma was big and bulky, Kuta has his father's height and fur,while he inherited his mother's grace and body. He is a head taller than Guru. He has emerald green eyes.


Kuta was born last out of the pack of fourteen, and being born undersized, he was often teased by Gon and Deen. He sought to gain their respect, and trained hard, getting stronger and stronger. He later got a high position. One day, a group of six strangers appeared, seemingly weak and helpless. While Kuro tested out his healing power on the strangers, Kuta and Slick noticed there was something wrong, and Kuro was rather suspicious too. The strangers were whispering and shooting glares at the old Chakra Heroes, namely Cheetah. It was then Kuta realized that the small pack wanted to get back at Cheeath for playing a prank on them! He sent Slick to warn the rest of the pack, while Kuro and Kuta chased them out. Kuta was rewarded by being one of the two leaders of the two heroes.

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