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Operation chakra dawn cover by arven92-d4mri0c

The cover of OCD:DZ

"Operation Chakra Dawn: Deadly Zodiac", shortened to OCD or OCD:DZ, is a spinoff story of Chakra, Battle of the Titans, written and created by wolfofficer on DeviantART.

The story features both characters from Chakra and wolfofficer's own made ones.

The wolves on the cover are (left to right):

-Ravage, Death legion soldiers, Kozel, Jackal, Ryu

-Rico, Otto, Henerick, Sandra, Peterson, Led, C.Y., Fritz, Lennox


The story takes place around the Year 2013, in a world like ours. Werefolk live in secret amoung humans. living hidden around the world protected by many orginzations and goverments, along with humans who have the ability to tap into magic and supernatural powers. many of them live in secret along with select normal humans in Sanctuary Towns. many of these towns are cleverly hidden by their respected countries goverments and kept safe.

Meanwhile In a diffrent dimension the Evil and power hungry Lord Jackal and his Zodiac Demons armies have almost conquered the Realm of Charian, his forces have swarmed into the captail city of Tantra, home of the legandary 500 strong Charka Warriors. During the siege, 8 of the best elemental charka warriors were sent through a teleportation device to earth, in order to protect the sacred Charka Crystals that could defeat Jackal.

Chapter series 1 Edit

prologue: Fall of Tantra Edit

Forward operations Base Crusader Edit

Memories of the past. Edit

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