Red and his pack attack Inabe

Red's minions, often referred to as "Team Red", are the five wolves that constitute Red's pack, along with Dagger. They are at Red's complete service, and, despite not being very brave, they follow him and obey his orders.

The membersEdit

Team red in need of names by arven92-d4v7t2g

Red's Minions. From left to right (Schatten, Glacier, Soren, Apollo, Kaiser)




Schatten is a black and white wolf with a torn ear and a cold glare. His body seems to be split in two halves by his two clashing colours. These are distributed in patches which alternate equally all along his body, and give him a curious "checkerboard" appearance. He is voiced by Malveera.




Glacier is a big, black and blue wolf with piercing ice blue eyes. The upper half of his body is black, while the lower one is blue. Moreover, he has a large, spiky mane on the back of his neck. He is voiced by MyOwnAdjective .




Soren is a unique looking green and white wolf, with wide cheeks and a big chin. Soren's upper body is mint green, while his lower body is white. Moreover, he has white eyebrows, eartips, front and rear legs, and tail underside. He is voiced by Randomonium. 




Apollo's fur pattern is easily distinguishable. His fur is grey in its upper side, while it is bright red in its lower one. His patches are the same as Soren's ones, with the exception of his eartips. Moreover, Apollo's pattern follow a more spiralized path, which makes them look like flames. These "flames" are present on his eyebrows, neck, front and rear legs, belly and tail, and they are rimmed with black. He is voiced by JaydenTheThunderWolf




Kaiser is a massive, tall wolf with a torn ear and splotches of three different colours on his fur, which is normally grey in colour. Kaiser's nose bridge, ears, shoulders, thighs and part of his tail are brown in colour. Moreover, he has a black stripe running along his spine, and his eyebrows, underbelly, legs and underside of tail share a lighter grey colour. He is voiced by PaintedDoq.


With RedEdit

Schatten, Glacier, Soren, Apollo, and Kaiser are Red and Dagger's minions. They are somehow convinced they are strong, but when they see the Chakra Heroes, they are afraid. But, no matter what, they have to obey Red, and this forces them into a fight they do not want. Unfortunately for them, the Heroes reveal to be too strong and the five soon realize that fighting them is a bad idea. Eventually, the five, Red and Dagger, retreat from the battle.


  • Red's minions were the last characters to be invented in the entire comic.
  • Their names were decided upon voting, by the users of DeviantART.
    • More than 150 comments were left, with over 420 different names proposed.

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