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Red In Tooth And Claw
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General information
Chapter number Five
Length  ??
In-story time lapse  ??
Characters appearing Kuma, Cheetah, Orca, C.Y., Lednacek, Hielo, Motyl, Kobura, Tiikeri, Inabe, Furie, Futatsu, Oniken, Kozel, Zec, Ryu, Omen, Charon, Ushi, Hest, Haan, Ketek
Character debuts  ??
Preceded by Keener Than Blades
Succeeded by A Hero Never Dies

Red In Tooth And Claw is the title of the fifth chapter of Chakra, Battle of the Titans. This chapter is speculated to be 82 pages long, but it is still unknown which characters will appear on the cover.


  • One of the beta names for this chapter was Reign Of The Darkness, later changed to Rise Of The Darkness. The Italian beta name was Regno Delle Tenebre.

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