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General information
Name meaning no particular meaning
Gender Male male
Age four years
Elemental power
First appearance Chapter Four, page one hundred sixty-seven
Allies Chakra Heroes (formerly)
Relatives Cheetah (younger brother), Puma (younger sister)
Voiced by

Serval, (セーバー) Serwal in the Polish translation, is an athletic, tall, quirky, gold-furred wolf and serval mix, a former member of the Chakra Heroes. He is Cheetah and Puma's older brother.

Physical appearanceEdit


Serval's appearance.

Serval is a slim and lithe wolf. His appearance is somewhat simmilar to a serval. His head is, like Cheetah's, is tringular in shape, but with short muzzle. He has big round ears with lynxtips and short and slim feline-like tail. He also has some black mane at the back of his neck.

The main colour of his coat is golen with black spots and with white underbelly, cheeks and area around the eyes. He has a black lightning-like marking that starts at this forehead and hoes down on the back of his neck and around shoulders spreads into two more zig-zag lines. His legs have multiple colors. The backside of his legs, up to elbows, are white, like his chest and the underside of his belly. The front of his long legs are mostly black. His tail is short with a black tip that is preceeded by one dark ring. He has three black stripes running up his left hind legs.

Personality Edit

Serval is somewhat arrogant, sly and does not care for his family. According to C.Y. , all he wanted was the time of his life. He is also mocking and teases anyone that is weaker or shorter than him. For example, he says that Cheetah is short which Cheetah says to shut up. He doesn't care for others , and he just stands there with a stunned expression when the chakra heroes goes to help ones in need. He isn't really brave either, and ran away from the sight of enemies


Before the events of the comicEdit

As of Chapter OneEdit

Serval does not appear in Chapter One.

As of Chapter TwoEdit

Serval does not appear in Chapter Two.

As of Chapter ThreeEdit

Serval does not appear in Chapter Three.

As of Chapter Four Edit

Serval makes an appearance during a flashback in Chapter Four. He is seen with Cheetah and Puma  when the forming Chakra Group comes to their home-dens to recruit new memb
ers. He leaves with the Heroes as he considers himself the one they're looking for and leaves his family behind.

As C.Y. continues to tell the story Serval can be seen travelling with the Group as they encounter two fighting packs. When everybody charrges at the attackers to help Motyl and her siblings, Serval just stands in place with a shocked expression.

He is last seen when the group encounters an enormous pack. He flees the scene and according to C.Y., the group never met him again.

In side storiesEdit


With Cheetah Edit


Puppy Cheetah

Puppy Cheetah with his sister (left) and brother (right).

  • Serval's initial design (introduced in the picture of young Cheetah with his silbings) is so different from the design that made its way into the comic that it might be speculated that's it's a different character.

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