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General information
Name meaning Polish for "Dragonfly"
Gender Male male
Age five years
Elemental power
First appearance
Allies Biedronka, Motyl, Chakra Heroes
Relatives Motyl, Biedronka (sisters)
Voiced by

Ważka is a muscular, tall, athletic greenish-and-white furred wolf. He is Motyl and Biedronka's older brother.

Physical appearanceEdit

Ważka is a medium sized wolf with multiple scars. He has 3 scars on his snout, an cross mark on his shoulder, and a cut ear. His fur is mostly a lime yellow, with a black "mask" covering his green eyes. The mask vaguely resembles a bug's face. His legs and tail both fade to darker variations of the yellow plain colors down to the feet, and to the tail end in a black tip. Like Motyl and Beidronka, he too possesses a pair of wings, square in shape and colored orange. He also wears a small stone medallion, same color scheme as his wings.


Before the events of the comicEdit

As of Chapter OneEdit

As of Chapter TwoEdit

As of Chapter ThreeEdit

As of Chapter FourEdit

As of Chapter FiveEdit

As of Chapter SixEdit

In side storiesEdit

Main article: Ważka in side stories


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